Friday, May 27, 2005

Afternoon at the Japanese & Chinese Gardens

Our first weekend together in Singapore, Jeff and I decided to check out the local Japanese and Chinese Gardens. The Japanese gardens had tons of bonsai trees, Zen rock gardens, summer houses and koi ponds.

And all around the Chinese gardens were strange over-sized flowers that looked like they lit up at night, coupled with Chinese statutes of various characters that I'm not familiar with. It was kind of like being in a kiddie park, but there weren't very many kids.

By far the most interesting thing to see inside the garden was the world's largest turtle museum. Years ago, a man started rescuing turtles that had been abandoned by their owners; hence, the museum evolved from his collection. Inside, there's all different kinds of turtles — but only here can you see a two-headed, six-legged turtle! And no, that's not a picture of it below.