Friday, May 27, 2005

A Saturday out with the Razorfish crew

Jeff works with some pretty cool people, who we hang out with when we can. This particular Saturday, Marisa, Crystal, and Crystal's husband Jimmy came with Jeff and me to a hipster flea market I had read about. On the walk there, we stopped at the Tyler Print Institute which had an opening for this very cool Beijing-based printmaker, Zhu Wei, who was showing huge-scale woodblock prints.

Not having reached our fill of art for the day, after the flea market we sought out this tiny gallery in Little India that was having a show someone had recommended to Marisa and Crystal. Supposedly, the featured artist was trying to recall a particular phrase he had read in a book somewhere, and created a piece that represented his search. When we finally found the gallery, the exhibit turned out to be a hand-stitched book filled with mostly blank pages on a card table in a dim room. Yet another case of art imitating life.