Tuesday, July 05, 2005

God Bless America

No 4th of July celebrations in Singapore, which may be the first time in my life that this holiday's gone unnoticed. I don't think any of us even remembered this was a holiday weekend until it was time for me to fix dinner on Sunday after a day of packing. I ran across the street to the grocery store and realized that usually I'm eating hotdogs and hamburgers at a backyard cookout right about now. So I grabbed some brats and potato chips and improvised a 4th of July dinner, albeit without a grill. Sure did miss the Langenbergs' volcanic dip, though.

Mom and Dad left early on the morning of the 4th to return to the States and Jeff & I had to move our stuff back into a 1-bedroom apartment at Suites (we'd leased a 2bdrm at Place for their stay). I never mind moving, it's the packing and unpacking I hate. But Jeff took his first day off in weeks to help move and we got to hang out together all day, which was wonderful. It's been three years exactly since I first met Jeff at a 4th of July bbq at Mattie & Laura's house!

I've still got to post pics and details about the trip to Bangkok last week with my folks! I feel like I'm still recovering from that and the move, but it'll be up shortly.