Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy birthday Teagan

I honestly can't think of the last time I've been to a birthday party for someone under 10. So it was pretty cool of Francis and Cindy to invite us to their daughter Teagan's 2nd birthday bash. Lots of Jeff's crew turned out, plus a few of the kids and folks from our building.

The birthday girl, resplendent in denim.

The ladies of Fraser Suites.

"I'm still thinking up my wish."

Tian, Pradeep, Preethi and Karen smile and watch as Teagan grapples with the birthday candle concept. As luck would have it, Preethi & Pradeep are going to be in Chicago while I'm home. I'll be taking them out for a veggie dinner.

Jeff's coworkers are all so close. That's Shawn, recently named by CLEO magazine as one of Singapore's most eligible bachelors, cozying up to Francis.

Marisa, Jimmy and Crystal. Jimmy & Crystal are an awesome couple that have an amazing story of surviving the tsunami that hit Phuket.

Little Teagan got lots of very fun presents. I did notice that Barney is still pretty popular with the small fry. Happy birthday Teagan!