Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What now?

Jeff and I have been home in Chicago for over a month and I'm at loss for what do with this blog. We've loved using this site to keep everyone updated about our lives, but now that we've settled back into our lives here, I see this blog needing to morph into something different. I'm open to your suggestions, so send them to me.

As for us, Jeff's back at work in his Chicago office and I just returned today to my old company VSA Partners as a Strategist. It's strange because in so many ways, it's like time stood still and waited for us while we were away. Jeff and I both feel that this experience of living abroad changed us, so it feels a little uncomfortable to have slipped so easily into our old lives. We had to pass up an opportunity to travel to India at the end of this month for a friend's wedding, but it's not so easy (or cheap) to travel internationally now. I do hope we can get over there sometime soon.

I'm slated to write some eco blogs for my friends at Urban Eco as well as some "Make a Difference" articles about green travel at CharityGuide.org. Make sure to check out those sites soon for those.