Thursday, September 01, 2005

Farewell Singapore

It's our last morning in Singapore and our plane to Hanoi leaves at 15:30. This feels very bittersweet for us, because there are some very lovable parts to Singapore. There is so much that I know Jeff and I are going to miss:

never being cold or having to think about the weather
the courtesy and good manners displayed by young and old alike
cheap and accessible public transportation that makes driving a car unnecessary
the food
having a housekeeper that makes the bed and washes the dishes daily
watching Bollywood movies and crazy ghost stories on TV
hearing music you thought long since dead and buried resurrected for your listening pleasure
the charming architecture of the colorful old Chinese shophouses and gracious colonial black-and-whites
green green green everywhere you look in this clean and well-cared-for tropical city
feeling safe to walk in any neighborhoorhood at any hour of the day
living close to and learning so much from the Chinese, Indian and Malay
being just a plane hop away from a totally different country, language, food, culture and currency.

To sum it up, we're going to miss this experience of living in a different country/continent/hemisphere. Singapore may not be the most exotic stop in SouthEast Asia for the average tourist, but Jeff and I haven't been tourists. We've been expats.