Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome Gavin Parker Eddy!

One of my very bestest and oldest friends had a baby on the 19th and I missed it. Granted, I had begged Vanessa to have her baby boy while I was in Chicago, but instead he decided to come two days after I left. Right on another famous Leo's birthday, my brother Matt's, I might add. However, I'll never forget spending my last night at home with Vanessa and my mom, sitting around the kitchen table, just talking and laughing. I can't wait until we do that again, although next time making a proper place for little Gavin.

Vanessa looked so wonderful and happy throughout her entire pregnancy. Motherhood agrees with her.

What's so funny about hearing this news today was that just last night Jeff and I watched this program on the National Geographic channel called "In the Womb". Jeff was particularly keen to watch it because it featured these 4D ultrasound scans and CG images that give more detail and "live action" to the fetus than ever seen before. It was seriously amazing and beautiful. Babies are still a couple years away for Jeff and me, but the look on Jeff's face as he watched the show and looked at me — that just made me feel simply amazing and beautiful.