Sunday, September 11, 2005

Off to Jungle Beach

Leaving little Hoi An in just a bit for Jungle Beach, a little beach hideaway outside of Nha Trang (a.k.a. China Beach). We've really enjoyed our stay in Hoi An and met some incredibly friendly people, a few of which we'll be keeping in touch with.

Yesterday I took a half-day cooking class with the Red Bridge Cooking School, which involved a trip to the market, a boat ride to the restaurant, and demo and hands-on learning of about four different dishes that we ate up for lunch. There was also a quick lesson in the art of food decoration, which I was miserable at. Seems my lack of paring knife skills is undermining my tomato roses. Must practice more with knives.

Sorry these posts have been infrequent and light, but I'm in the midst of an awful cold. Here I am in sweltering heat and sunshine with a sore throat, cough and stuffy nose. It's just not right. Jeff is making the most of his new camera and taking some really cool shots that we'll be adding to these posts later, so keep an eye out for those.